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Volusia County, Florida Criminal Defense Attorney Eric A. Morgan

Attorney Eric A. Morgan has been working with Florida traffic and criminal defense clients since law school, when he participated in a special program that allowed him to appear in felony and misdemeanor court as certified legal intern.  After law school, Mr. Morgan represented clients facing a variety of Florida charges including DUI, battery, drug crimes, and other Florida infractions.

Mr. Morgan earned his J.D. from Florida International College of Law. While at law school, he was a member of the trial team, and worked as a law clerk with a large criminal defense firm.

After completing law school, Mr. Morgan worked as an assistant public defender, gaining substantial trial experience. Following his work as a public defender, he worked as a Managing Attorney and then as a Partner with a national law firm located in Orlando, Florida. 

Mr. Morgan opened his own firm because he felt a small practice would be the best setting in which to provide quality service. His goal is to be an attorney that people can rely on when life takes a difficult or unexpected turn. He currently represents clients across Florida.